Quality policy

COLONIS 3PL aims to always provide services of exceptional quality. Strict operations procedures have been established, which comply with the different needs of our customers, increase our efficiency and ensure our excellent provision of services.

Our acquisition of  EN-ISO 9001:2015, EN-ISO 13485:2016 and DY8/1348/2004 certificate, confirms our services’ high quality nationwide.

Our customers’ requirements for timely and correct deliveries and simultaneously the paying on delivery safe management are ensured by the use of our advanced software for orders’ execution and real time tracking of deliveries.

With this advanced technology our customers are able to access 3PL (Third Party Logistics) storage and transport services.

We also pay attention on cleanness, image and the appropriate decency on medical and other hospital supplies’ management. This is also reflected on our personnel’s appearance and attitude during work hours. We invest in our people with continuous training on the most efficient and fast methods of customer service in order to be able to correctly and friendly complete your orders, as well as serve your corporations’ needs in the best possible way.

Our premises’ and fleet’s cleanness and adequacy are being taken care of according to diligent and validated methods, such as for instance monthly pest control.

Our company acknowledges the value and necessity of environmental protection and therefore sets it as a priority. Our practices comply with all the relevant governmental policies and more specifically with the: (Common Ministerial Decision F.15/4187/266 (O.G.G 1275 Β/11-4-2012), for NACE 2008: 52 and more specifically the clauses Α1-Α8, Β2, Β4, Γ1, Δ1-Δ3, Δ5, Ε1_4, Ε2_1, Z1 και Η11.

Moreover, we have managed to recycle all recyclable materials that we use, into special bins which bear the relevant labelling to further support environmental protection.

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