COLONIS 3PL SA was relocated to its new premises in Aghios Ioannis, Rentis in 2015, covering a bigger area and being equipped with cutting edge technology. Our privileged location in the centre of the urban fabric allows immediate response to our customers’ needs.

The company’s building covers an area of total 4,000 m2 and its capacity reaches the volume of 17,000 cm3. The warehouses are flexible and can be configured accordingly to meet our customers’ needs.

Our facilities are equipped with high volume temperature controlled chambers for the varying temperature zones of 2-8°C and 15-25°C, as well as sole professional fridges (storage temperature 2-8°C) and freezers from 0°C to -80°C. Temperature is being recorded by verified loggers which are being calibrated on a yearly basis.

We have the most contemporary security systems such as CCTV cameras, motion detectors, smoke detectors with permanent water supply-pumping unit, which automatically send notice to the Fire Department in case of emergency. Moreover, our premises are being guarded, monitored and supervised throughout the whole day.

Logistics is an economic sector which faces rapid development and therefore even a small loss of energy power may be destructive due to increased rivalry. It is of high significance for such a corporation to be able to ensure continuous electricity supply for the facilities’ air conditions, data centers’ computers, security systems, fire detection and fire protective systems, as well as several other machines like compressors, hydraulic loading and unloading ramps and pumps.

We have an independent electric generator pair in our premises, able to immediately supply power to the whole building. The generator pair consists of one internal combustion engine and one generator which facilitate the company’s unhindered operations and helps avoiding undesirable consequences due to power loss (blackout).

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