For Road freights it is 1:3 (1 m3 corresponds to 333 kg).

For Ocean freights it is 1:1 (1 m3 corresponds to 1 tone).

For Air freights it is 1:6 (1 m3 corresponds to 167 kg).

It is mainly calculated based on the priced weight of the cargo.

i.e. For 100 kg real cargo weight and dimensions 1 m x1 m x1m=1 m3, then the priced weight is 333 kg.

In case the cargo is light and of high volume, then the transport fare is calculated per m3.

The elongated cargo is calculated by loading meter (LDM) on the truck.

For cargos which weigh less than 45 kg, both road and air shipments cost approximately the same.

Loads which are bigger than 2 ldm can be delivered on the customer’s doorstep, provided that the receipt area permits it. On the opposite occasion we can deliver in Attica and neighbouring prefectures with our public use’s private trucks (having hydraulic door or not), in absolutely reasonable prices. Out of Attica destinations are being served by public use’s national transports’ agencies.

Warehouses’ working time is usually from 07:00 until 15:30, Monday-Friday.

In case of an emergency there is the possibility of picking up on weekends, but by arrangement. For any working over-time in our warehouse there will be a respective cost.

We have the ability to store dry cargo and also manage it (logistics), keeping track of the cargo’s movements through our computerised system (WMS-POD).

We can keep your cargo in storage for as long as you need, upon agreement on storage costs.

We have the ability to organise a daily delivery schedule that suits you with our partners, with the issue of relevant documents (Delivery note or other attached document).

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