Dear colleagues,

Continuously to the following briefing regarding Covid-19, there follow the relevant measures for people’s safety and limiting the spread of the pandemic. Our company is already on top of several precautionary measures for both its employees and visitors-customers, including the following:

A. Precautionary measures:

  1. Periodic briefings of the personnel and reassurance of compliance with protection procedures.
  2. Informative material relevantly to precautionary and protective measures posted on shared spaces.
  3. Disinfectant liquid is being placed in central spots and both employees and visitors are being asked to use it every day on a frequent basis, during their entrance and their exit from the company’s premises.
  4. Telephones, keyboards, mouses and desktops need to be disinfected on a regular basis with surface disinfectant (i.e. Bacillol AF), in the beginning as well as at the end of the shift.
  5. Ensuring adequate ventilation of working spaces.
  6. Undisrupted availability of all necessary protective means:
    • Soap and water
    • Tissues
    • Alcohol hand cleaning solution
    • Simple surgery masks
    • Gloves
    • Spare garbage bags
    • Protective bodysuits for the drivers
  7. Space cleaning shifts need to be enforced for extra disinfection with special disinfectants on door handles, switches, faucets, toilets etc.
  8. Limitation of personal contacts and preparation of appropriate systems and infrastructure for work at home in case this is possible.
  9. Frequent disinfection of the most frequently used vehicles’ spots (i.e. steering wheel) with spray or liquid or disinfection wipes which contain chlorine or any other antiseptic.
  10. It is recommended for drivers to wear one-use gloves and also use of the disinfectant gel they have been provided with during their working hours.
  11. Increased frequency of vehicles’ cleaning.
  12. Drivers induce compliance of hygiene rules when in customers’ premises of daily itineraries.
  13. In case of disagreement with any customer relevantly to strict hygiene procedures, the company’s management should be immediately informed.
  14. Limitation on gatherings and meetings between employees.

B. Detection of a confirmed case:

In case a confirmed case comes up, Colonis 3pl should be immediately informed and the employee should stand off work. Continuously the following should take place:

  • Contact NPHO (210 5212054)
  • Disinfection throughout the whole company’s premises
  • Check the rest of the staff for Covid-19
  • Inform customers of the way the company will operate or for cases that deliveries will not be being carried out due to force majeure.

C. Declaration of prefecture or region in quarantine:

  • In case of quarantine of a prefecture or region, orders will be being delivered by arrangement (if the authorities allow it), so as to ensure safety.

We must comply with the recommended hygiene rules, to be calm and alert.

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