Transportation and distribution

We can deliver transfers of every nature throughout Greece, with our private means of transport. We transport, among others, raw materials, diagnostic machines, medical supplies, tools, household items, decorations, electronics, electrological equipment, cars, home appliances, drinks, dry nuts, shoes, furniture, plant protection products and promotional material.

We have the knowledge, experience and specialisation to manage all cargos accordingly to their specific features.

  • Delivery on the same day (within 2 hours)-throughout Attica
  • Transportation license for dangerous substances (ADR)
  • Courier services through our network
  • Door to door deliveries
  • Road, air, ocean and rail transportation.
  • Specialised personnel for special deliveries (i.e. special pallets, diagnostic machines etc.)
  • Co-operation with 42 transport agencies
  • Co-operation with 4 courier agencies
  • 20 years’ experience in transport, distribution and installation of In Vitro, In Vivo and ultrasounds’ diagnostics equipment

COLONIS 3PL offers all kinds of national transports’ services in the most competitive prices (conventional trailers, lowboy trailers, flatbed trailers)

We are able to transport full cargo throughout Greece for decades, due to our well-established network of agents, forwarders and carriers.

We undertake combined transports, as well as the design and conduction of heavy hauls, including special licences issuance and safe conduct, as well.

Please send a query to find out our transportation and customs offers for your freight.

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